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December 7, 2009

Title: The First stone

Author: Don Aker

Pages: 1- 93

Summary: After his grandfather died, and his grandmother died, Reef was forced to go into foster homes; he went into many, many homes and never stayed for very long. Now living with the Barkers, he has made some friends, Jink, Bigger, and Scar, are the best of them. They all hangout at a place called “the pit”, it’s an old closed down hotel where people party. Reef, Jink, and Bigger are hanging out at the pit when they see a demolitions crew come to check out the building; feeling pissed off that their hangout is going to be destroyed, they vandalise the truck when one of the demolitions men come back and catch them. They bolt and the demolitions man follows Reef to an overpass; thinking he has lost him, Reef stands on the overpass and lobs a rock about the size of his fist into the passing traffic. The rock hits a car with a young woman driving and she ends up careening into other traffic. No one is seriously injured except for the young woman, who is in a coma for a very long time. Reef goes to court for and the judge rules that he is to be sentenced to North Hills, a rehabilitation facility for “troubled” youth. He ends up having to leave the Barkers and goes to North Hills.
Response: Reef has always had a hard life, his parents dying when he was extremely young; with his parents dead, he had to go and live with his grandparents. His grandfather was an abusive alcoholic. Where as his grandmother was the ideal grandparent; caring, loving, and always there for you. After his grandfather died Reef was happier than he had been in his entire life. Soon after, his grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, and Reef was torn apart having to watch the cancer burn her up while not being able to do anything. Now he is a young man with the tough exterior that I believe he only uses to hide his pain. His whole world is about to change now that he is at North Hills.